Air traffic

Have you seen this satellite image on YouTube? It’s a greatly speeded up look at air traffic around the globe over a 24-hour period. Each yellow dot is an airplane in the sky making its way from one point to the next, loaded with passengers and cargo.

It looks very much how I envision the nervous system, with nerve impulses traveling from point to point within the body, carrying their own “cargo” of messages and instructions.

There are busy times and slow times, but the nerve centers never completely go dark.

Can you image the work air traffic controllers have in keeping all this coordinated and running smoothly? They redirect those yellow dots to reduce the risk of accidents.

To me, chiropractors and other wellness professionals who deal in the neurological functioning of the human body are like air traffic controllers. We don’t create the energy but we help it flow as it should and prevent “accidents” that occur when the energy flow is disrupted. Also, like air traffic controllers, we can’t always prevent accidents — pilot/patient “error” is still a factor.

At the risk of belaboring this analogy, there’s another thing we have common with air traffic controllers: we can suffer a great deal of stress because of our “calling.” We worry about our patients, income, profession, and families. We work long hours and battle insurance companies as well as those who favor a medical monopoly over health care. We even, at times, have to deal with bickering within our own professions and organizations.

But our work is so important that we can’t afford to allow ourselves to succumb to stress. We have to take time to care for ourselves, to rest and recharge our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual batteries.

If you’re feeling like an air traffic controller trying to juggle all the planes in that video, you need to back off and take time for yourself. If you don’t, you’re going to “crash.” Which will be more disruptive to your practice and your life: a few days off to relax, or a month off to recover?

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Amazing! Talk about a visual anology of the fact that we’re all connected.

incredible! Great find Terry Rondberg!

Another interesting story

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