How’s your back end?

back-end marketingI hope all of you have had a chance to read the excellent article by Dr. Erich Breitenmoser in the August issue of The Chiropractic Journal. He gives important tips for increasing practice revenue and, at the same time, providing added benefits for patients.

He rightfully reminds us that we work hard to gain our patients’ trust and can expect them to ask about a variety of health and wellness services and products. The temptation is always to give them the least expensive options, but this isn’t always the best course of action.

“When asked, you should recommend what’s best for the patient, no matter the cost,” Dr. Breitenmoser advises. “There’s nothing wrong with recommending certain products, as long as you believe in them and know the company is a trusted name.”

These products can range from nutritional supplements, weight loss products, topical over-the-counter analgesics, and natural foods to orthopedic supplies, mattresses, pillows, backpacks, sports equipment, home gym and exercise equipment, or even ergonomic chairs!

You could, of course, refer them to the local pharmacy for their vitamins or the nearest Wal-Mart for the rest, but it could be helpful to patients if you would recommend or even sell high-quality items to them from your office.

In addition to helping your patients, this is also an ethical and low-cost way to increase your own revenue. As Erich notes: “Back-end marketing is extremely important for long-term practice growth and for the overall success of a sales and marketing ventureā€¦ Back-end marketing is a very inexpensive form of marketing because the largest expense relating to marketing (new patient acquisition) has already been incurred or absorbed.” (Erich lists four specific reasons why you need back-end strategies, so be sure to read his complete article.)

The addition of multiple streams of income has become all but essential in most private practices today, and I’m not talking only about chiropractors. According to an article on the medical site, Physicians’ Practice: “As reimbursements fall and costs continue to climb, private practitioners across the country are adding an impressive selection of new products and services to their line-up — a direct attempt to diversify and enhance revenue streams. Some sell pharmaceuticals and prosthetic devices. Others offer physical therapy and smoking cessation clinics, along with inhouse elective procedures such as vasectomies, Botox injections, and laser hair removal.”

Thank goodness we don’t have to resort to doing that! But if we don’t help our patients find the health and wellness products that will help complement chiropractic care, they may end up at their MD’s office asking advice. So, take the initiative and give some thought to which products or services your patients would benefit from and consider implementing back-end marketing programs to provide those items.

As Erich succinctly puts it: “To be successful in chiropractic marketing in the long run, you MUST become adept at back-end marketing in your office.”

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It is part of our duty to make sure we are offering our patients products we know are safe, chemical free and effective even if they are a bit more expensive. If we won’t protect our patients who will?
Also when Docs profit from in house sales it helps keep their doors open so they can help even more patients in their community.
Thank you for publishing the article Dr Terry, Dr. Breitenmoser was on the mark.

good article, thanks Terry

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