Success comes through helping others

You established your office in a good location. You bought whatever equipment and supplies you might possibly need. You hired an efficient staff. You launched a terrific public relations campaign.

So what.

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but the fact is, none of that will guarantee your survival let alone your success. I’ve known successful DCs who’ve set up offices in remote areas, awful locations, and rundown neighborhoods. I’ve met many who had no equipment except a used table and their two hands; others who did all the front office tasks themselves when they didn’t have a spouse or parent to help them out. And what about the mega-successful chiropractors who never put an ad in the paper during their entire career?

If it isn’t the location, equipment, staff, or advertising, then what is the key to success? My theory is that it’s ATTITUDE. If you practice with an attitude of joy and service, how can you not succeed? I don’t mean “feel-good,” poor-but-happy success but financial prosperity, too. I’m talking about a great income to go along with the feeling of excitement you get welcoming the day instead of facing it with boredom – or worse, dread.

I’m hardly the first person to voice this belief in the power of attitude, which is a combination of what you think and how you feel. Books like “The Power of Positive Thinking,” by Norman Vincent Peale, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, or “See You at the Top” by Zig Ziglar have been preaching that sermon for decades.

Most of these books, along with today’s top motivational experts, mention the importance of character traits like optimism, perseverance, friendliness, being a problem-solver, etc. But to me, the most important attribute is being service-oriented.

If you’re in chiropractic only for the money (don’t laugh, but chiropractic often makes the “top professions” list based on its high income potential)… or because you figured it would be an easy way to get the title “doctor”… or because it was what was expected of you, you’ll never max out your success level.

Even if you decided to become a chiropractor because you experienced the effectiveness of chiropractic first hand and were grateful to your own DC it’s not enough. You have to be in it to help others. Think of it like this. Patients aren’t going to come to you because chiropractic once helped you, or because your uncle was a DC and talked you into it. They’re going to come to you because YOU can help them and everything you do expresses your desire to provide that help.

If you’re not focusing on helping others or if you’ve lost confidence that you (or chiropractic) can help others, you need to get back on track. You need to undergo an intense attitude makeover. First step: read chiropractic motivation books and attend seminars like Cal Jam, New Beginnings, Parker Seminars, Jim Sigafoose’s seminars, Dynamic Essentials, or Sherman’s Lyceum.

Remember, your attitude doesn’t control you – you control your attitude. Without the right attitude, even the finest location, best equipment, greatest staff, and super ad campaigns aren’t going to result in success that truly satisfies and lasts. Yet, you can deliberately and systematically put yourself in the mindset needed to achieve real success. You’ll need to do it continually. Zig Ziglar put it this way: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

No “so what” about it.


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