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Pay attention to patient waiting times

This is a speeded up world and the admonition to “take time and smell the roses” doesn’t apply when it comes to a health care practice. Patients often visit a chiropractor when faced with an acute problem like back pain. Later, after being educated about chiropractic as a lifetime wellness program, they may come in […]

Ask and you will receive (referrals)

It’s an undisputed business law that word-of-mouth marketing is the most important ‘sales’ tool there is. Nothing convinces a potential customer, client, patient, or consumer to say “YES” to an offer better than a personal recommendation. That’s why online review services like Angie’s List and social media sites like Facebook have become key marketing tools. […]

Asking for patient feedback

Not long ago, a chiropractor in the Midwest noticed that many of her regular patients weren’t showing up any longer. At first, she figured it was a seasonal thing (“It’s always hard to get patients to show up in winter…”). But when the weather improved, her PVA continued to decline. When she was told about […]

Is obesity part of YOUR office?

One of the major factors in health today is weight. Obesity affects more than 50 million adults and 16-33% of all children and adolescents. In just the last 40 years, the problem has increased by 300%. Chiropractors are increasingly being asked to address that issue in their patients, even if it’s simply providing health education. […]

Don’t let your website be held hostage

The importance of picking a web designer you can trust was made obvious this week when the Internet grapevine circulated the story about a chiropractic office that allegedly failed to pay the web designer who built its new site.

For a blast of motivation

It’s inevitable that our enthusiasm will sag now and then, no matter how much we love what we’re doing. In private practice, as in any endeavor, there’ll be times when the steady stream of patients or projects keeps us busy, but not motivated or inspired. I have two sure-fire ways to re-infuse your practice with […]

The right metaphor can increase patient understanding

Wellness professionals need to develop and use a new set of metaphors that stress the vitalistic nature of the body without pushing too far into the realm of religious rhetoric. It’s an interesting challenge but the right metaphors ultimately will help redefine health and educate patients.

No more resolutions!

Are you as bored with making New Year’s resolutions as I am? Every year we make our list, and although our intentions are good, most of us don’t make it past Feb. 1st before we lapse back into our old habits or patterns. It’s bad enough when this happens in our personal life (losing those last 10 pounds or spending more quality time with family are definitely resolutions we should keep). But when it happens in our professional life, it can mean financial disaster or burnout.

To help, do we need to diagnose first?

According to a new Johns Hopkins-led research study, slavishly following long-held guidelines for diagnosing the cause of arthritis-related back pain is resulting in excessive tests, delays in pain relief, and wasteful spending of as much as $10,000 per patient.

Making sure your patients get the news

In the last few months, several important health stories have been reported, including news about Tylenol being linked to asthma in kids, the dangers of OTC weight loss drugs, the banning of flu shots in several countries, how antibiotics can destroy “good” bacteria for years, and why exercise programs shouldn’t be “do-it-yourself” projects.