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Last chance to get your chiropractic postage stamps

Our profession has tried hard over the past decade to convince the US Postal Service to honor chiropractic with a stamp, the way it has for just about every mainstream medical field. But the proposals were rejected every time. Finally, the World Chiropractic Alliance teamed with BARD Enterprises to design and produce first class postĀ­age […]

More people get health screenings when deductibles are waived

A study in the journal Health Services Research may give chiropractors and other wellness professionals an added incentive to offer free health screenings. Researchers from the RAND Corporation found that people get health screenings if their insurance deductibles are waived; that is, when they don’t have to pay out of pocket for them.

One fifth of Americans have arthritis, survey shows

A report just released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that more than one fifth of all Americans have arthritis, and a million new cases are being diagnosed every year.

Exercise isn’t a DIY project

Many chiropractors incorporate exercise training or rehab into their practice, but too often patients feel they can make exercise a “do-it-yourself” project without supervision by a trained wellness professional. If you come across patients like that, be sure to share this information with them. Flexcin International, the makers of Flexcin with CM8 joint nutrition supplement, […]

Reminder: be sure to send reminders

A recent literature review published in the Cochrane database centered on how medical doctors could persuade more of their patients to get their annual flu shots, but the results may prove valuable to chiropractors as well. The researchers focused in on three studies where participants received a letter, postcard or phone call personalized to his […]

The ethics of giving people incentives to take personal responsibility for their health

One of the major problems the health care field faces is the unwillingness of many people to take personal responsibility for their own health. They make unwise behavioral decisions, prefer to look for “magic pills” to address health issues, and choose only those health care approaches that are paid for by insurance companies or other […]

Integrated doesn’t mean equal

In recent years, the “integrated practice” has been a hot topic. The idea of having medical doctors work side by side with chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, or other alternative health and wellness professionals is alluring. The problem, however, is that these integrated practices end up being dominated by the MDs, who reluctantly (if ever) dole out […]

Chiropractors in perfect position to help with ‘laptop-itis’

For years, chiropractors have been in the forefront of posture-related health care and have led the campaign to raise awareness of heavy backpacks that can distort the young student’s posture. Now, they’re seeing an increase in the number of young people with neck, shoulder, and back problems caused by hunching over a laptop computer. “More […]

Blogging for patients

Right now, Technorati is tracking some 200 million active blogs on the ‘net (up from a mere 112 million in 2007). Some say the number worldwide is really closer to 400 million. There’s no way to tell how many of these are being run by chiropractors and other natural health care practitioners, but Googling Chiropractor […]

How’s your back end?

I hope all of you have had a chance to read the excellent article by Dr. Erich Breitenmoser in the August issue of The Chiropractic Journal. He gives important tips for increasing practice revenue and, at the same time, providing added benefits for patients. He rightfully reminds us that we work hard to gain our […]