patient education

Is obesity part of YOUR office?

One of the major factors in health today is weight. Obesity affects more than 50 million adults and 16-33% of all children and adolescents. In just the last 40 years, the problem has increased by 300%. Chiropractors are increasingly being asked to address that issue in their patients, even if it’s simply providing health education. […]

The right metaphor can increase patient understanding

Wellness professionals need to develop and use a new set of metaphors that stress the vitalistic nature of the body without pushing too far into the realm of religious rhetoric. It’s an interesting challenge but the right metaphors ultimately will help redefine health and educate patients.

Making sure your patients get the news

In the last few months, several important health stories have been reported, including news about Tylenol being linked to asthma in kids, the dangers of OTC weight loss drugs, the banning of flu shots in several countries, how antibiotics can destroy “good” bacteria for years, and why exercise programs shouldn’t be “do-it-yourself” projects.