Practice Notes

Ever think of making house calls?

The recent economy has forced many health and wellness practitioners, including chiropractors, to re-evaluate the way they offer and charge for their services. We’re having to become much more innovative in order to continue providing care to our patients and still pay our bills. One of the more interesting ideas being tried by some doctors […]

Is the profit motive wrong?

By Terry A. Rondberg, DC There’s an aura about wellness providers, some indescribable sense that they’re morally and ethically superior to medical doctors. Frankly, I agree! But I think sometimes we take that image of altruism too far when we shy away from having (or admitting to have) a profit motive in our practice. Jasson […]

7 ways to green up your office

By Terry A. Rondberg, DC Most practitioners interested in the health of the human body are also interested in the health of the planet. The trend toward “green offices” is a natural direction for all wellness providers and it’s really not as difficult or expensive as you might think. I’m not talking about putting solar […]

Honing your people skills

The number one reason that wellness providers like chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists don’t get sued as often as medical doctors is that they’re safer. That’s pretty obvious. When you aren’t dealing in dangerous drugs or invasive procedures, you aren’t putting your patients at much risk. The next most important reason for the relatively low […]

Reaching out to other segments of the population

By Terry A. Rondberg, DC It’s no wonder that the medical and pharmaceutical industries have such a lock on the health care system — people are brainwashed from childhood to “visit your doctor.”  Regardless of age, color, religion or other socioeconomic factors, going to an MD for anything from checkups to cancer “care” is accepted […]

Does your e-mail address look ‘unprofessional’?

We’re wellness providers, but we’re also business people. That means we have to look, speak and write with a certain amount of professionalism. You wouldn’t have letterhead with cutesy little bunny rabbits on the border and you wouldn’t greet patients wearing a t-shirt with a hole in it. Why, then, would you use a hotmail […]

Being ‘Green’ & Healthy

For the past few years, the emphasis of most American businesses has been to become “green” (or at least look green). Environmental consciousness was seen as a vital characteristic in any business — including chiropractic practices. Now, trend watchers say health consciousness is the new priority among consumers. The general public expects businesses to be […]

Cutting calories helps rats (and humans!)

Many of you are involved in helping patients lose weight so I thought you might be interested in learning about some interesting information I came across the other day According to the report, almost all organisms — from yeast to rodents to humans — benefit from cutting calories. The benefits weren’t restricted to being thinner, […]

A Texas-Sized Constitutional Battle… the Right to Diagnose

Many chiropractors have woken up to the legal battle going in Texas, but if you’re not aware of what’s going on — and you care about your right to diagnose patients — you really need to start paying attention. And that’s not just my opinion. Look at this April 26 email message from attorney Keith […]

Forced vaccine movement picks up speed

Currently, the freedom to practice chiropractic as a drug free alternative to medical treatment and the freedom to choose our form of health care is under threat. For years, I have been claiming this, but only to deaf ears. It is absurd that in modern times, anyone has to worry about being forced to give […]