Ask and you will receive (referrals)

It’s an undisputed business law that word-of-mouth marketing is the most important ‘sales’ tool there is. Nothing convinces a potential customer, client, patient, or consumer to say “YES” to an offer better than a personal recommendation. That’s why online review services like Angie’s List and social media sites like Facebook have become key marketing tools. […]

Success comes through helping others

You established your office in a good location. You bought whatever equipment and supplies you might possibly need. You hired an efficient staff. You launched a terrific public relations campaign. So what. I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but the fact is, none of that will guarantee your survival let alone your success. I’ve known […]

Asking for patient feedback

Not long ago, a chiropractor in the Midwest noticed that many of her regular patients weren’t showing up any longer. At first, she figured it was a seasonal thing (“It’s always hard to get patients to show up in winter…”). But when the weather improved, her PVA continued to decline. When she was told about […]

Don’t let your website be held hostage

The importance of picking a web designer you can trust was made obvious this week when the Internet grapevine circulated the story about a chiropractic office that allegedly failed to pay the web designer who built its new site.

No more resolutions!

Are you as bored with making New Year’s resolutions as I am? Every year we make our list, and although our intentions are good, most of us don’t make it past Feb. 1st before we lapse back into our old habits or patterns. It’s bad enough when this happens in our personal life (losing those last 10 pounds or spending more quality time with family are definitely resolutions we should keep). But when it happens in our professional life, it can mean financial disaster or burnout.

One fifth of Americans have arthritis, survey shows

A report just released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that more than one fifth of all Americans have arthritis, and a million new cases are being diagnosed every year.

Air traffic

Have you seen this satellite image on YouTube? It’s a greatly speeded up look at air traffic around the globe over a 24-hour period. Each yellow dot is an airplane in the sky making its way from one point to the next, loaded with passengers and cargo. It looks very much how I envision the […]

Back to school marketing

It’s only July, but the stores are already beginning to stock fall clothes and Halloween candy. That’s your cue to begin educating parents about “back to school” health issues, which chiropractic can address.

“Performance” isn’t only for athletes

In his book, “Chiropractic Revealed: One on One with the Great Masters of a Misunderstood Profession,” editor David K. Scheiner, DC, interviewed a number of well known chiropractic leaders and one of the questions he asked them was, “How do chiropractic and performance relate?” This is an important question because chiropractic isn’t just about getting […]

In these hard times

I don’t think I’ve talked to a single practitioner lately who hasn’t complained about the bad economy, the “hard times” or the financial crisis (in their practice, the country and/or the world). Patients aren’t coming in, revenues are down, they can’t afford the rent, they’re facing ruin. In the past, I would’ve joined them in […]